snow removal
Snow Removal - what to know

Winter is coming. If you run a commercial business or have a property, like a church or shopping center, where people come frequently, you have a responsibility to ensure that the snow is properly removed from your parking lots and sidewalks. Unless you have the time to do it yourself, you're probably going to hire this job out. However, if you are like most business owners, you may not think about it until the first big snowstorm.

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Maintaining Asphalt Driveways During Winter

Maintaining asphalt driveways during winter is important. When winter hits, your asphalt driveway is at risk for damage due to the cold weather and freezing precipitation. You can do several things to help protect your driveway from damage during this season. From taking care of cracks to moving snow in a timely manner, these are the steps to take to protect your driveway throughout the winter season.

1. Repair Cracks Promptly

Cracks in an asphalt driveway are problematic because they allow water to seep into the crack.

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ada acessible parking

ADA accessible parking. The Americans with Disabilities Act sets specific requirements in place for all types of businesses to be handicapped accessible. Those rules apply to all aspects of the business, including its parking garages and parking lots. Businesses in Maryland must provide their customers and employees with ADA-compliant parking lots in order to open their doors to the public, and Maryland's Public Safety Code places strict penalties on those that do not.

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paved parking lot

One of the benefits of an asphalt paved parking lot is its easy maintenance and long lifespan. If you are considering a new paving option for your parking lot, this is definitely part of the consideration. here’s everything you need to know about the lifespan of asphalt and what you can do to keep your parking lot in good repair as long as possible.

What Is the Lifespan of an Asphalt Paved Parking Lot

If the parking lot is properly installed and paved, you can expect it to last between 20 and 30 years.

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repave parking lot

Your parking lot is vital to the success of your business, so how can you tell when it’s time to replace it? Waiting too long can cause liability issues as pot holes and tripping hazards develop. While big problems like potholes are obvious, some problems are less obvious. Here are some signs to watch for that indicate it’s time for a new parking lot.


1. Visible Cracks or Potholes

If you can see cracks in the asphalt, then it’s time to start thinking about replacement.

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Paving Contractor in Baltimore

Investing in a new asphalt parking lot or driveway is a sizable investment. You want to be confident that you’ve chosen the right contractor. While the price is important, don’t choose based on price alone, because you want the job done right. Here are several factors to consider when selecting a Baltimore asphalt contractor.

1. What Materials Do They Use?

Ask your asphalt paving contractor about the materials they use.

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benefits of asphalt parking lot

If a new driveway or parking lot is in your future, you need to start the process by choosing the right material. In America, 94% of roads are paved with asphalt, and for good reason. Asphalt has many proven benefits over other driveway and parking lot materials. Here are some reasons why it is a good choice.


1. Asphalt is Safer

Asphalt is a safer option than many paving choices.

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One of the biggest benefits of having an asphalt parking lot is the ease of repair for this common paving choice. As long as you keep up with repair when it's needed, you can quickly and easily get your parking lot back into good working order when cracks or holes develop. In some instances, repair and patch is sufficient to keep your asphalt looking and functioning well. However, there are times when you'll need to completely replace the parking lot.

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asphalt paving

As you drive around the country, if you pay attention to the driveways you see, you're going to notice that asphalt is growing in popularity. For most applications, both residential and commercial, asphalt paving is the paving option more commonly used, particularly for parking lots and driveways, but also for many roads. Why is this? Why is asphalt paving residential or commercial becoming so widely used? Here are five reasons why this paving option is America's pavement of choice.

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asphalt parking lot

Do you need a new parking lot for your office, store or another facility?  Parking lots take quite a beating, so finding the right material is going to be critical.  The two main paving choices, asphalt, and concrete, both have benefits and drawbacks.  Here are six benefits of asphalt parking lots that you will want to consider as you make your choice.

It's a "Green" Paving Option

You may be surprised to learn this, but asphalt is considered a "green" paving material.

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