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Sealcoating your pavement improves safety and saves your business money, but only if a qualified contractor does the job. When considering sealcoating contractors, ask the following questions to help you find before you hire:

How much sand is in your sealer?

Sand plays a crucial role in pavement sealer, providing the finished product with enough traction to prevent pedestrian and auto accidents. Sealcoating contractors' products should contain at least four pounds of dry, clean silica sand for every gallon of sealer.

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sealcoating contractorsBefore hiring sealcoating contractors you should ask a few questions in order to make an informed decision.

What type of sealer do you use?

Sealcoating contractors should know what type of sealer they use.  Is it Coal Tar Emulsion? Asphalt Emulsion? They should be able to tell you the type of sealcoating product they use and be able to explain the benefits.

Which additives do you use?

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The parking lot and driveway of a business are more than simply a space to drive on and park. A well-maintained parking area and driveway provides exceptional curb appeal while welcoming customers. Sealcoating is a crucial process that is designed to protect the investment that businesses make when paving their parking lots and driveways. Finding the right sealcoating services company correlates to the quality of the workmanship.

Experience in every facet of paving

Sealcoating is a process that supports asphalt paving.

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Have you wondered how to maintain asphalt? You are not alone, many of our customers ask about the option of repairing asphalt versus replacement.

At Goode Paving, we are determined to help you avoid the cost of replacing your entire pavement with our sealcoating and repair services. During the winter months, road salt, snow plowing, and a seemingly endless freeze-thaw cycle that all Marylanders experience can lead to potential issues such as cracks and potholes in your home driveway or business parking lot.

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