As you drive around the country, if you pay attention to the driveways you see, you’re going to notice that asphalt is growing in popularity. For most applications, both residential and commercial, asphalt paving is the paving option more commonly used, particularly for parking lots and driveways, but also for many roads. Why is this? Why is asphalt paving residential or commercial becoming so widely used? Here are five reasons why this paving option is America’s pavement of choice.


Asphalt is quite durable, which is why so many commercial properties choose this paving option. While it will need some minor maintenance to look and function at its best, it’s not prone to the cracking common with concrete. It’s also rare to see large chunks break off of an asphalt driveway as you might see with concrete. It can easily handle the wear and tear that comes from parking vehicles regularly as well.


Asphalt is much more attractive than other paving options. All it takes is regular sealcoatingto keep it looking an attractive dark black. Decorative options, like stamping and painting, can give it an artistic look when desired, without sacrificing the durability of the material. The dark color of asphalt helps the striping show up well on roads and parking lots.

Easy Maintenance

No paving option is free from potential problems, but with Asphalt, those problems are easy to handle. Surface damage is easy to repair with the help of an asphalt paving company, and the process is fairly affordable and quick. This is particularly valuable for commercial properties because having your driveway out of commission for long periods of time can greatly impact the function and profitability of a business.


While the word “pavement” and “affordable” don’t seem to go together, the truth is that asphalt can be quite cost-effective in comparison to other paving options. The raw materials used to make up asphalt are easy to acquire, and therefore the overall cost of the pavement is low compared to other options. Because it doesn’t have to be constantly re-applied, it’s more affordable to maintain as well. Over the lifetime of a paved surface, its owners can save significantly.


Asphalt is a smoother surface than concrete or other surfaces. While this may seem like a small thing, in areas where people may be prone to trip and fall, such as retail parking lots, a smooth surface can make the area safer. If someone does fall, they are less likely to have serious damage as a result.

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing asphalt for commercial or residential use. In fact, a close look at this list leaves you confident in why asphalt is so popular with American property owners. If you are in need of a new driveway or parking lot, consider asphalt.