Month: February 2016
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Choosing an asphalt paving contractor

What should you know when choosing an asphalt paving contractor? There are many considerations that can affect the price and outcome of your asphalt paving project.  While it is instinctive to consider choosing the lowest bid, that may not always be the best choice...

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Goode Paving Inc., continues tradition

Denny Goode, owner of Goode Design Painting and Wallcovering, continues the tradition of excellence with Goode Paving Inc.  Denny is known throughout Baltimore and Harford counties for his superior customer service and comprehensive knowledge of the industry.  The...

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Advantages of using asphalt

We are often asked by our clients the advantages of using asphalt. One of the primary advantages of asphalt is the longevity.   Properly maintained, asphalt can last over 25 years.  Due to the durability and lifespan, Asphalt is a great choice for residential...

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